Californian skatepark destroyer Jacob Bailey comes through with a real banger for his first official Radio Bikes video. One of the most explosive riders emerging out of the US BMX scene, Jacob takes his technical and burly riding to work, slaying just about every skatepark, transition, and setup in sight.

Filmed and edited by Gary Scott over the past few months, start your Monday off right and get stoked!

We caught up with Jacob to find out a bit more about how he started riding and what gets him motived to go ride. Full photo interview shot by Gary Scott after the jump.

How long have you been riding for and what got you interested in BMX?

I've been riding BMX for about 4 1/2 years now. I started when I was 17 when a group of friends in high school gave me my first BMX bike. It was fun riding my bike around in town with friends but I didn't start competitively riding till about three years ago. 

What was it like growing up in California having so much BMX around you at a young age?

California is a great place to grow up, of course, we always brag about the weather, it's nice just about all year round. As a kid I watched Dave Mira and Ryan Nyquist all the contest growing up but I mainly rode motorcross, it wasn't really till I made the transition over when I notice the massive BMX following in California.

Have you had many injuries through BMX? 

I haven't had too many major injuries the occasional bumps and bruises but blessed to have no breaks or anything too serious. I try and stay on my tires as much as possible hahaha

Where can you normally be found riding? What is your dream setup to ride?

Normally you can find me over at Pat Casey's house riding the dream yard I'm lucky enough to be able to ride Pats' house a couple days out of the week with him. When I'm not there I'm at my local Temeculaa skate park. A dream set up of mine would probably be some big dirt jumps through a mountain side or a jungle or something like that would be really cool. 

Which riders would you say inspire you the most?

That's a hard question because I feel influenced by so many riders. At the top the list I would definitely put Pat, not only is he a good friend but he's taught me everything I know about BMX. I'm thankful to ride with him all the time because we like to push each other in every aspect of riding. Then I would say Kevin Peraza because of his riding is just so unique, and his attitude towards everything make some great dude to be around. Finally Tyler Fernengal who is constantly showing everyone how to push the limits!! He goes big on everything he does no matter what the situation; it is just SEND IT! Again there are so many other riders but those guys are a huge impact on me as a person and a rider. 

You've recently made the switch over to a freecoaster, what made you do this and how do you think it helps with your riding?

I've always love messing around I'm free coasters when it's just flat ground but what made me put the wheel on was watching Pat Casey do all this cool stuff on the ramps. After that I started getting really into using it heavily in some street spots now I'm just in love with it and think everyone should ride a freecoaster or at least try it once. I can't really say it helps with riding but it makes riding really fun!

Where would you like to ride the most in the world?

There are so many places in the world but definitely at the top of my list would be Barcelona, Australia, followed by the unit 23 in Scotland and then the gorge trails in New Zealand. 

What are you looking forward to the most in 2017?

This year I'm just looking forward to progressing and pushing the limits to my riding and shooting for higher finishes in a contest and hopefully just to have fun and have more good times and shoot some crazy videos. 

Expect to see much more from Jacob Bailey in the very near future... Make sure to Follow Jacob on Instagram @jacob_bailey, as well as his Filmer/Photographer Gary Scott here @garyscott_.


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