• Radio Bikes is back in the UK!

    Today we are excited to announce that Radio Bikes is now distributed exclusively in the UK by SNAP Distribution.

    We are thrilled to launch our 2018 line of complete bikes and products together with a distribution who are so deeply involved with BMX in the UK. Following the addition of Jack Clark to the Radio PRO team - we have plenty in store for Radio in the UK and are looking forward to working with SNAP to grow the brand over the upcoming years.

    “It’s an honor to be distributing Radio in the UK. We’re looking forward to working with the guys at Radio on growing the brand in the UK and ask dealers to get in touch about stocking the new 2018 range of bikes and parts that are landing in November”- Richard Moore, SNAP Distribution

    Our 2018 line of Radio complete bikes will be arriving with SNAP in a matter of weeks, along with our new 2018 line of frames and parts available shortly after. UK shops can now contact SNAP for information on ordering and availability.


    SNAP Distribution

    Trinity Hall

    Braybrooke Terrace


    TN34 1HQ

    United Kingdom

    Tel: 01424 420033

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 2018 Bikes Now Online

    RADIO BIKES enters the 2018 season on the back of a hugely progressive year. 2017 saw the brand grow to new heights, with a strong team of riders spanning the globe and covering just about every style of riding we have never felt more awesome as a brand. We spent the past year connecting with shops and distributors around the world, carefully listening to their feedback and as a result perfecting our line of bikes to ensure that the 2018 Radio Bike range is really an incredible offering of bikes that don’t have to break the bank.

    We kick off the 2018 line with the DICE, the perfect first step into the world of BMX. The DICE is available in three wheel sizes (16”, 18” and 20”) including a DICE 20” FS version with a front brake and a SALT rotor setup, ensuring that your first BMX bike fits like a glove. New for 2018 is the updated SAIKO 20 complete. Now with a lower standover frame and 8.25” handlebar because we wanted to create a more agile 20” bike than anything else we currently offer. Perfect for riders that are too small for a regular 20” bike or want a bike that’s easier to throw around and learn tricks on at the skate park.

    For 2018, we feel that we have our most diverse range of bikes yet. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a line of bikes that offers the variety of styles, geometry, colors, components, and finishes as the 2018 Radio Bikes collection. The DARKO is back in both 20.5” and 21” toptube sizes in a crazy neon yellow option as well as a stealthy matt black. The fully-bread park setup Astron has two new mind-melting colourways and a Salt AM rotor to make you standout on the deck of the ramp.

    Sometimes, small wheels just don’t cut it anymore, with the success of our full line of 26” dirt jump bikes 2018 sees the addition of two new big-wheeled urban shredding machines. The CEPTOR 26” andDIVIDE 700c takes our ‘BMX roots’ and applies them to bigger wheels - creating bikes which will take you from A to B with speed and style, but also allow you to have a lot of fun on the way to your destination.

    Every year our improvements and modifications are realized and every year we sit back and feel great about what we’ve achieved. This year is no different.

    The full range will be available from Radio dealer's worldwide over the next few weeks. For more information on the availability of our 2018 bikes,  please contact your local Radio Bikes dealer.

    Be sure to head over to the product pageson the website and check the bikes out in all their glory, and take a read through our 2018 catalogue which is now ONLINE. Click the image below to be taken to the catalog.

  • Sneak Peek - The FOX Frame

    Here's your first look at Brian Fox's new signature "FOX" frame. We worked very closely with Brian on a frame which could handle his explosive, all out riding style, and function as the perfect all round setup cable of just about anything you could throw at it.

    Available in both a 20.6” or a 21.1” version, both frames have proportional geometry allowing smaller and bigger riders (like Brian) to benefit from geometry that caters to them perfectly. Brian can't wait to get his hands on the first sample you see here, expect to see the final version available later this year from BMX shops worldwide.


    RADIO “FOX” FRAME 20.6" / 21.1"      

    Standover Height 8.5" / 9"              

    BB Height 11.6”                 

    HT Angle 75.25 deg        

    ST Angle 71 deg                   

    Chainstay Length: 13” / 13.2"            



    • Double Gussets
    • Tapered seatstays
    • Double Butted toptube
    • Butted seattube
    • 6mm thick heat-treated dropouts
    • Integrated Seatclamp
    • Chainstay Brake Mounts
    • Lowered Chainstays
    • Clarence for 2.40” tires
    • Removable brake hardware, cable guides, and gyro tabs


  • Ethan Schmitt Bike Check

    We caught up with our new US street recruit Ethan Schmitt and took a look at his amazing Matt Black NEMESIS build with a sprinkling of parts from the good people over at QBP. 

    Photo's courtesy of QBP's very own Ben Austin.

  • Big Wheels


    Sometimes small wheels just don’t cut it, that’s why we offer a full range of 26” bikes, ready for dirt, street, skate parks or whatever you can throw at them.

    Our 26” dirt jump bikes get a full revamp for 2017, with all new geometry, componentry from Avid and Rockshox, and even a full competition spec alloy frame on the Griffin PRO. Take a closer look at this year's line of big bikes designed to shred.

  • 2017 Saiko on Vital BMX


    Looking for a new bike? Your search is over. Head over to Vital BMX and take a closer look at this year's Saikocomplete, which quite possibly might be our favouite bike this year.

  • Valac 2017 on Vital BMX


    Yup, that's a complete bike... Go take a closer look at our all new 2017 Valac complete over on Vital BMXFor all your Radio needs in the USA, go hit up our good friends at QBMX.

  • 2017 Griffin on PSBMX.com

    For when 20" wheels don't cut it, we have a full line of 26" dirt jump bikes too. Head over to Plus Size BMXfor a review of our all new 2017 Griffin 26"complete. 
    Our full range of 2017 26" bikes are now available in the US, just ask your local shop to order through QBP.


    Our NEW 2017 Park shredding machine gets a full writeup over on Vital BMX. For all your Radio needs in the USA, go hit up our good friends at QBMX.


    The guys at BMXunion.com have a HUGE feature on our 2017 complete bikes which are now available! Click through and find out more about our best line of bikes yet.

  • 2017 Bikes Available Worldwide

    Now approaching our seventh year as a complete bike brand, the 2017 Radio Bikes range really is a testament to just how good a complete bike can be without having to break the bank. Growing from the same tree as some of the biggest brands in the sport including ECLAT and WETHEPEOPLE, BMX has been in our blood for over 20 years, and this year’s collection is proof that things only improve with time. We couldn’t be more proud of how far our bikes have come over the past 7 years, and we hope you wont find a single reason to think any different.

    The full range is available now in most countries, and will be arriving with others over the next few weeks.

    For more info on the range please head over to the product pageson the website and check the bikes out in all their glory, and take a read through our 2016 catalog which is now ONLINE. Click the image below to be taken to the catalog.

  • Tanner Easterla AXIS ad in BMX Rider Magazine

    Here's the Tanner Easterla AXIS Stem/Sprocket ad as seen in the latest issue of BMX Rider Magazine.

    Photo by Matt Freiheit.

  • Leon Hoppe TOREN Frame Ad in BMX Rider

    Stoked on this Leon Hoppe Toren Frame ad in the latest issue of BMX Rider magazine. Photo by Aaron Zwaal.

  • SIREN Frame feat. Christoph Werner

    Christoph Werner was one of the first guys on the team whenwe started back in 2010, and was a major part in the design of our team tested and proven SIREN frame.

    Christoph kills it on just about everything he touches, wether it be a 7ft minramp, a jump box or street setup. The SIREN frame is perfect for this, as it's not only light and agile, but also strong and dependable with the perfect all round geometry to suit ramp and street riders a like.

    The SIREN frame is available now from your local bike shop. for more info on the SIREN frame please here HERE.

  • Tanner Easterla NEMESIS promo now LIVE


    Tanner Easterla's signature NEMESIS line is built to last and take a serious beating. Put through all kinds of hell by Tanner and the team for over a year, this is one kit that won’t let you down when things get a little wild. Tanner has been working hard on stacking clips over the past 6 months and the result is over 3mins of absolute carnage, filmed and edited by Matt Freiheit.

    The NEMESIS frame, fork and handlebar are all available now worldwide and in the US through QBP.

  • 2016 Frames & Parts now online


    We are excited to announce that our 2016 aftermarket frame and parts line is now available at distributors worldwideand online on the website.

    We've been working very closely with the team over the past year, on refining our current frames and parts, as well as introducing some exciting new products into the lineup. With the addition of the Tanner Easterlasignature NEMESIS line, new colours on the Siren and Toren frames, Frequency grips and the new AXISstem and sprocket, the 2016 Radio Bikes parts line is our best yet.

    The full range is now online on our website for you to take a closer look HERE.

  • Nemesis Ad in BMX Rider Magazine

    Check out this ad promoting Tanner Easterla's signature NEMESIS line which you will find in this month's BMX Rider Magazine.

  • 2016 Bikes Available Now

    We’re excited to kick off the 2016 season by introducing you to a very exceptional line of bikes.

    Since 2010 we have been designing and building bicycles that are in every detail exactly what a rider could want, but at a very affordable price. The 2016 Radio Bikes collection is a testament to our past six years of merging quality, progressive technology and cutting edge design into the best BMX bikes on the market.  This year’s bikes have been revamped from the ground up. Building on last years incredible range, we took on board input from our riders and our customers to create what is easily our most dialled range of bikes yet. 

    The full range is available now in most countries, and will be arriving with others overt the next month. 

    Click through to check out the new 2016 Catalog, or head to the product pages to get a closer look the magic going on.

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