Justin Dowell absolutly DESTROYS the DDASC in this new Vital BMX "Power Hour". Justin is on fire right now, and you can expect to see much more from him in 2017. That first moves makes no sense...


Sometimes small wheels just don’t cut it, that’s why we offer a full range of 26” bikes, ready for dirt, street, skate parks or whatever you can throw at them.

Our 26” dirt jump bikes get a full revamp for 2017, with all new geometry, componentry from Avid and Rockshox, and even a full competition spec alloy frame on the Griffin PRO. Take a closer look at this year's line of big bikes designed to shred.

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Looking for a new bike? Your search is over. Head over to Vital BMX and take a closer look at this year's Saiko complete, which quite possibly might be our favouite bike this year.

We're hyped as hell to have Ricky Grimal repping Radio in Spain through our friends at 360 Bicycles in Barcelona.

Ricky can normally be found roasting the trails at La Poma Bike Park, or blasting the nearest concrete bowl on his new 21" Toren setup with Nemsis bars and Istari cranks.

Ricky just sent over some photos of his new setup, and is already hard at work filming for his full welcome edit which will be dropping soon...

Photos: Uncle Metal.

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Christian Lutz just built up a fresh steed featuring a full Copper Toren frame with Nemesis parts as well as some dialed new parts from Profile Racing.

This thing looks awesome, check it out here.

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The Radio US team grows one stronger today as we welcome Jacob Bailey to the crew. Jacob hails from Temecula, California and caught our attention over the past year shredding the hell out of some of the most notorious skateparks and ramp setups on the West Coast. Now riding a full ED Copper NEMESIS frame, fork and bar, we couldn't be more stoked to have Jacob repping Radio out in California.

Look out for Jacob's welcome video dropping in the very near future, but for now make sure you're following him on Instagram @jacob_bailey where you can expect to see him riding that amazing Copper machine.

Photo: Gary Scott.

What a better way to kick off the weekend then a new addition to the family?

Justin Dowell is 16 years old from North Carolina and is an absolute savage on a bike. Justin rides with the amplitude and ferocity of a rider twice his age, and his mix of burly tricks and technical lines really caught us off guard when we were first introduced to his riding.

Justin is the first addition to our new US squad which we will be announcing more about real soon. Check out this short teaser for his full welcome video which is in the works and we can't wait to show you.

Welcome to the team Justin!


Yup, that's a complete bike... Go take a closer look at our all new 2017 Valac complete over on Vital BMXFor all your Radio needs in the USA, go hit up our good friends at QBMX.