Germany has always been a breeding ground for incredibly talented riders to emerge out of, and Marco Günther is a prime example of this. After a strong a recommendation from Radio team riders Christoph Werner and fellow Darmstadt local Basti Schweizer, we decided to add Marco to the squad through Hartje Distribution in Europe. Marco has an explosive style and isn't afraid to send it and drop some of the wildest tricks without any hesitation. Most importantly Marco has a positive attitude and the super friendly personality which makes him fit right in there with the rest of the crew.

We can't wait to kick it with Marco real soon, and have him part of what we've got in the works. Welcome to the team buddy!


West Coast handrail killer and all around machine Tanner Easterla recently built up a new ride consisting of his signature NEMESIS frame, fork and bar which is now in-stock at BMX shops worldwide. Tanner rides his full signature #NEMESIS kit in Matt Black as well as our AXIS stem and Sprocket and Istari Cranks. Take a closer look at Tanner's personal ride here.

Photos: Matt Freiheit

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Darmstadt based Nose Manual offcianado Basti Schweizer just built up a new rig before heading off to Barcelona to work on a new Radio Bikes video part.

Basti likes his bike with plenty of room up front and rides the Tanner Easterla NEMESIS frame in the big boy 21.25" option as well as the 9.75" NEMESIS bars with a healthy mix of Eclat and Saltplus parts for good measure. Take a closer lookat this Copper and Chrome beast HERE:

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Our NEW 2017 Park shredding machine gets a full writeup over on Vital BMX. For all your Radio needs in the USA, go hit up our good friends at QBMX.


When's the last time you saw a crankarm grind and a triple whip in the same video?

All terrain shredder and road tripper Christoph Werner spent some time in Berlin over the past few weeks and managed to come away with this footage from his trip. Street, ramps, dirt, Christoph murders it all.

The guys at have a HUGE feature on our 2017 complete bikes which are now available! Click through and find out more about our best line of bikes yet.

Now approaching our seventh year as a complete bike brand, the 2017 Radio Bikes range really is a testament to just how good a complete bike can be without having to break the bank. Growing from the same tree as some of the biggest brands in the sport including ECLAT and WETHEPEOPLE, BMX has been in our blood for over 20 years, and this year’s collection is proof that things only improve with time. We couldn’t be more proud of how far our bikes have come over the past 7 years, and we hope you wont find a single reason to think any different.

The full range is available now in most countries, and will be arriving with others over the next few weeks.

For more info on the range please head over to the product pages on the website and check the bikes out in all their glory, and take a read through our 2016 catalog which is now ONLINE. Click the image below to be taken to the catalog.

Here's the Tanner Easterla AXIS Stem/Sprocket ad as seen in the latest issue of BMX Rider Magazine.

Photo by Matt Freiheit.