Here's the Tanner Easterla AXIS Stem/Sprocket ad as seen in the latest issue of BMX Rider Magazine.

Photo by Matt Freiheit.

Stoked on this Leon Hoppe Toren Frame ad in the latest issue of BMX Rider magazine. Photo by Aaron Zwaal.

Christoph Werner was one of the first guys on the team whenwe started back in 2010, and was a major part in the design of our team tested and proven SIREN frame.

Christoph kills it on just about everything he touches, wether it be a 7ft minramp, a jump box or street setup. The SIREN frame is perfect for this, as it's not only light and agile, but also strong and dependable with the perfect all round geometry to suit ramp and street riders a like.

The SIREN frame is available now from your local bike shop. for more info on the SIREN frame please here HERE.


Tanner Easterla's signature NEMESIS line is built to last and take a serious beating. Put through all kinds of hell by Tanner and the team for over a year, this is one kit that won’t let you down when things get a little wild. Tanner has been working hard on stacking clips over the past 6 months and the result is over 3mins of absolute carnage, filmed and edited by Matt Freiheit.

The NEMESIS frame, fork and handlebar are all available now worldwide and in the US through QBP.


We are excited to announce that our 2016 aftermarket frame and parts line is now available at distributors worldwide and online on the website.

We've been working very closely with the team over the past year, on refining our current frames and parts, as well as introducing some exciting new products into the lineup. With the addition of the Tanner Easterla signature NEMESIS line, new colours on the Siren and Toren frames, Frequency grips and the new AXIS stem and sprocket, the 2016 Radio Bikes parts line is our best yet.

The full range is now online on our website for you to take a closer look HERE.

Check out this ad promoting Tanner Easterla's signature NEMESIS line which you will find in this month's BMX Rider Magazine.

We just added Yuma Oshimo (@insta_yuma_oshimone) the flow team out in Japan through the guys at Zen Distribution. Yuma just built up a fresh Siren frame in Spacedust and it looks amaing. Check out his full bike check here.

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Oh man do we have something special for you today. After his wild welcome edit last year, our Canadian powerhouse Spencer Ryan has been working on a full street video part with his buddy Tyler Rizzi for the past 9 months, and it certainly does not dissapoint. From wild gaps to rails, to uprails to switch whips, Spencer does it all, and he does it with absolutly zero fear. We cant wait to see more from Spencer later this year. If this video is anything to go by, 2016 is going to be a big one...