• Great North Tour Lost Footage

    Hiding somewhere on the hard drive, we just unearthed some lost footage from our Great North Tour back in 2015 which never made it online.

    Featuring riding and antics from Leon Hoppe, Kenneth Tancre, Basti Schweizer, Christian Lutz, and Christoph Werner. 

    Go watch the Great North Tour again here:

  • Welcome to the team Brian Fox

    It's official, Brian Fox is the newest member of the Radio Bikes team. 

    Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you will have easily noticed just how hard Brian has been killing it on a bike. With multiple contest wins and podiums, and straight up murdering everything his bike touches, we could not be more proud to welcome this awesome human being to the Radio squad. We all got the chance to ride and hang out with Brian at Simple Session earlier this year, and fitting right in with the team on the course and on the dance floor, the decision to add Brian to the squad was one welcomed with open arms by everyone.

    Head over to Vital BMX for some words from the man himself on why he's so hyped to be part of Radio, as well as some amazing riding captured by Kyle Carlson on a recent trip to Brian's adopted home of North Carolina. Look out for much more from Brian in the very near future, including his signature FOX framewhich is in the works as we speak.

    Welcome to the team Brian, this is going to be awesome.

    Photo Kyle Carlson/Vital BMX

  • Jacob Bailey #NONSTOP

    Californian skatepark destroyer Jacob Baileycomes through with a real banger for his first official Radio Bikes video. One of the most explosive riders emerging out of the US BMX scene, Jacob takes his technical and burly riding to work, slaying just about every skatepark, transition, and setup in sight.

    Filmed and edited by Gary Scott over the past few months, start your Monday off right and get stoked!

    We caught up with Jacob to find out a bit more about how he started riding and what gets him motived to go ride. Full photo interview shot by Gary Scott after the jump.

  • Ricky Grimal #FULLSPEED

    Our Spanish cement and dirt slayer Ricky Grimal turns it up to 11 and blasts the hell our of every transition and dirt lip he can lay his tires on. Filmed over the past few months in Barcelona and Malaga, Ricky is an unstoppable shredding machine.

    Big thanks to our Spanish distributor 360 Bicycles for making this possible.

    Filmed & edited by Sergi Valenzuela.

  • Leon Hoppe DIG - Low Profile

    Man are we stoked on this one. German all-terrain shredder Leon Hoppe has been hard at work the past 6 months working on this feature for DIG BMX.Filmed and edited by Marcus Brückner, with photos from Aaron Zwaal, if you didn't know how hard Leon shreds, then let this be a wake-up call to you. Check out the full interview here.

  • Robin Kachfi in BCN

    Robin escaping the cold German Winter and getting some time on the bike in sunny Barcelona.

  • Radio Welcomes Ethan Schmitt

    What better way to start 2017 than a new addition to the crew? Today we welcome Minnesota-based street killer Ethan Schmitt to the worldwide team through the good people at QBP.

    Ethan has been quietly shredding the streets of the Mid-West for a while now and we took notice. Riding an all Matt Black NEMESIS frame, fork and bar, look out for some footage from Ethan in a new winter project were working on which will be out in the near future. In the mean time check out some "scrap" clips which didn't make it into the "MN Nice" video he's been working on with his local crew...


  • Power Hour: Justin Dowell

    Justin Dowell absolutly DESTROYS the DDASC in this new Vital BMX "Power Hour". Justin is on fire right now, and you can expect to see much more from him in 2017. That first moves makes no sense...

  • Robin Kachfi Bike Check

    Our new dude Robin Kachfi just dropped this video bike check along with some clips from his local park up on his Youtube channel. 

    You can also head to Freedom BMXand take a look at his bike in closer detail along with a short interview.

  • Welcome to the team Robin Kachfi

    Damn, we're buzzing about this one. The newest member of the Radio squad is Robin Kachfi.

    Robin hails from Mannheim, Germany, and is one of the most exciting and hard working riders emerging out of the German BMX scene right now. Robin shreds it on a bike and is always on the move, out riding with the Kunstform BMX Shop crew and filming videos for his Youtube Channel which he updates daily. We got a chance to hang with Robin a couple of times this year, and got really hyped from just watching him ride, but most importantly he just seemed like he fitted in. After speaking to the rest of the crew, it was a no-brainer to welcome him to the Radio team and have him part of what we do.

    If you haven't already make sure you subscribe to Robin's Youtube Channeland follow his Instagram page @robinkachfibmx.With a new Radio team project about to start real soon, Robin is also filming for his welcome video, so you can expect to see much more of him in the very near future.

    Welcome to the team Robin, stoked to have you here!


  • Leon Hoppe People's Store video

    It's crazy just how good Leon Hoppe is. This new People's Store video is just a small taster of what Leon has planned for his new Radio Bikes video part that he's currently filming for...

  • Basti Schweizer in BCN

    Sometimes things don't go as they should do. After a break-in at his apartment, 2 days in hospital with food poisoning and even the airline losing his bike, Basti Schweizer made the most of his recent trip to Barcelona still came away with some bangers from the BMX Mecca.

  • Christoph Werner Rides Everything


    When's the last time you saw a crankarm grind and a triple whip in the same video?

    All terrain shredder and road tripper Christoph Werner spent some time in Berlin over the past few weeks and managed to come away with this footage from his trip. Street, ramps, dirt, Christoph murders it all.

  • SIREN Frame feat. Christoph Werner

    Christoph Werner was one of the first guys on the team whenwe started back in 2010, and was a major part in the design of our team tested and proven SIREN frame.

    Christoph kills it on just about everything he touches, wether it be a 7ft minramp, a jump box or street setup. The SIREN frame is perfect for this, as it's not only light and agile, but also strong and dependable with the perfect all round geometry to suit ramp and street riders a like.

    The SIREN frame is available now from your local bike shop. for more info on the SIREN frame please here HERE.

  • Tanner Easterla NEMESIS promo now LIVE


    Tanner Easterla's signature NEMESIS line is built to last and take a serious beating. Put through all kinds of hell by Tanner and the team for over a year, this is one kit that won’t let you down when things get a little wild. Tanner has been working hard on stacking clips over the past 6 months and the result is over 3mins of absolute carnage, filmed and edited by Matt Freiheit.

    The NEMESIS frame, fork and handlebar are all available now worldwide and in the US through QBP.

  • Spencer Ryan 2016 Video Part

    Oh man do we have something special for you today. After his wild welcome edit last year, our Canadian powerhouse Spencer Ryan has been working on a full street video part with his buddy Tyler Rizzi for the past 9 months, and it certainly does not dissapoint. From wild gaps to rails, to uprails to switch whips, Spencer does it all, and he does it with absolutly zero fear. We cant wait to see more from Spencer later this year. If this video is anything to go by, 2016 is going to be a big one...

  • Radio Bikes Great North Tour - B-Sides

    We just uploaded over 8 mins of outtakes and unused clips form our Radio Bikes Great North Tour. on to Youtube. Put the kettle on and check out some of the best moments of the trips in an uncut raw format.

    Riders: Kenneth Tancre, Basti Schweizer, Christoph Werner, Leon Hoppe and Christian Lutz. Guest appearances from Dave Paterson, Basti Nitsche and Aaron Zwaal.

    Filmed and edited by Sebastian Nitsche.

  • Radio Great North Tour ONLINE NOW

    With Summer coming to an end, and the cold German Autumn just round the corner, we took our European contingent on a one week tour through Germany and into Denmark on a quest to hit up some of the best skateparks and street spots in Northern Europe. With a freshly assembled crew featuring Leon Hoppe, Christoph Werner, Basti Schweizer, Christian Lutz and Kenneyh Tancre, the guys got to work on destroying every stop on the trip and did not disappoint.

    Big thank you to Hartje Distribution, The Street Dome, Alliance BMX, RideOn BMX, Skatepark Schlachthof and everyone else who made this trip happen.

    Filmed and edited by Sebastian Nitsche.

    Check out the full Radio 2016 complete bike collection online HERE; http://radiobikes.com/