Age: 25.

Where are you from: Exeter, Devon.

What's your earliest memory from BMX: Seeing a kid popping wheelies and hopping up curbs on an all chrome bmx outside my house. After he had gone I went out an gave it a go. I was hooked from then on.

First trick you learnt: I think it was probably x-up`s or 180s but was such a long time ago.

Best place to visit: Amsterdam, Estonia or Unit 23 for a few crates with the lads, hah!





Park or street: Street but ill ride anything.

Cars or bikes: Bikes! Cars suck.

Pizza or Kebab: Pizza. Or if i've had a few to many beers kebabs taste gooood.

Full English or Continental: Nothing beats a full english for breakfast.

Rabbit or Beaver: Beaver.

Big Kens or Little Mo's: Big Ken???


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