Today you are in for a treat. Maxime Orsini’s mind-blowing new Radio Bikes video part is now playing live. Max put everything into this one and you can bet there are some mind-melters in there.

Featuring Jack Clark, Levi Weidmann, Kai Schulte and Mike Hullock, plus Maxime Orsini. here’s our full 8 min banger filled video filmed during the last few days of Summer across the UK.

Next level Freecoaster madness from RADIO BIKES team rider Niklas Tilk who’s currently riding our prototype MTB Freecoaster Hub and GRIFFIN PRO aftermarket frame which will both be available early 2020. This hub is super light, has a larger adjustable slack setting and uses our own internal system which has huge strength advantages over a traditional clutch style Freecoaster hub.

Radio PRO Jack Clark puts his upcoming signature #S6frame to work at his new local setup before the contest season starts. Look out for Jack’s signature S6 Frame dropping later this year…

New addition to the Radio Bikes team Kai Schulte delivers a solid mix of tech street lines and wrist crunching hammers for his inaugural Radio video part to welcome him officially to the crew. If you needed any proof of just how tough our bikes are, Kai is riding our 2019 COMRAD complete for the duration of this video. Just let that sink in…

Join Radio PRO and all around explosive human being Brian Fox as he travels back to his home state of Florida to film one absolute mind-bender of a promo to celebrate the release of his signature Radio Bikes Fox Frame. From hang 5s to double backflips, Brian does it all. Sit back and enjoy what is easily Brian’s most banger footage to date.

Mid West street assassin and QBP connect Ethan Schmitt worked hard the past year racking up clips on board our #NEMESIS frame, fork & bar for this new piece filmed by his homies Kyle Mileski and edited by Rahlin Rigsby.

Radio Bikes German connect and skatepark tech machine Christian just put together a collection of some of his favorite clips from the past year. There’s some absolute insanity in there, double whip air to manual to 180?

Radio Bikes team rider and all-out savage Spencer Ryan has been out stacking clips just before the cruel Canadian winter destroys any chance of outdoor riding. Spencer went to work on destroying every spot in sight with his unique blend of technical and white knuckle riding.

Fresh for 2018 is our new Ceptor 26” cruiser. Taking our BMX heritage and applying it to a larger 26” wheel, we created the perfect bike to take you from A to B whilst allowing you to shred anything in your path whilst you’re on your way.

Radio Bikes team rider Robin Kachfi delivers an absolute killer of a video part filmed over a one year period whilst on a quest to ride some of the finest spots Europe has to offer. Not only did Robin deliver an onslaught of his unique technical and stylish riding, but he also edited the video together too. Robin is not only a talented rider but also a valuable part of the Radio crew and we are all buzzing to see this finally hit the web.

The Radio Bikes team threw down this weekend LIVE on US TV at the Nitro World Games in Salt Lake City. Proving that hard work and pure determination pays off, Brian Fox came away with 3rd place in BMX Triples and $10,000 in his back pocket as well as driving home in a Polaris Slingshot for his award as Athlete of the contest.

Straight after the PRO Freestyle contest in The Hague, we headed East, to the internationally renowned city of Rotterdam for 4 days of some of Europe’s finest street spots. Despite battling the weather, the spots, and injuries, our German street machines Leon Hoppe and Robin Kachfi came away with one hell of a banger of a video which we could not be more stoked to drop.

We spent a day riding some of the best parks in Holland with Brian Fox, Kenneth Tancre, Leon Hoppe, Levi Weidmann and Robin Kachfi before the Pro Freestyle last month and here are the results.

Even more riding and antics from Leon Hoppe, Kenneth Tancre, Basti Schweizer, Christian Lutz, and Christoph Werner.

Hiding somewhere on the hard drive, we just unearthed some lost footage from our Great North Tour back in 2015 which never made it online.

Californian skatepark destroyer Jacob Bailey comes through with a real banger for his first official Radio Bikes video. One of the most explosive riders emerging out of the US BMX scene, Jacob takes his technical and burly riding to work, slaying just about every skatepark, transition, and set up in sight.

Radio Bikes team mates Kenneth Tancre, Brian Fox, Leon Hoppe and Levi Weidmann all going wild at the PRO Freestyle contest in The Netherlands.

Our Spanish cement and dirt slayer Ricky Grimal turns it up to 11 and blasts the hell our of every transition and dirt lip he can lay his tires on. Filmed over the past few months in Barcelona and Malaga, Ricky is an unstoppable shredding machine.

Sometimes things don’t go as they should do. After a break-in at his apartment, 2 days in hospital with food poisoning and even the airline losing his bike, Basti Schweizer made the most of his recent trip to Barcelona still came away with some bangers from the BMX Mecca.

Tanner Easterla’s signature NEMESIS line is built to last and take a serious beating. Put through all kinds of hell by Tanner and the team for over a year, this is one kit that won’t let you down when things get a little wild. Tanner has been working hard on stacking clips over the past 6 months and the result is over 3mins of absolute carnage, filmed and edited by Matt Freiheit.

After his wild welcome edit last year, our Canadian powerhouse Spencer Ryan has been working on a full street video part with his buddy Tyler Rizzi for the past 9 months, and it certainly does not disappoint.

Slams, B-roll, out takes and unused footage from the Radio Bikes Great North Tour.

With Summer coming to an end, and the cold German Autumn just round the corner, we took our European contingent on a one week tour through Germany and into Denmark on a quest to hit up some of the best skateparks and street spots in Europe.

Spencer comes through with one hell of a banger filmed inside the walls of the infamous Joyride 150 in Toronto. From Switch 360 whips to Flips into grinds, Spencer went in really hard for this one and we couldn’t be more stoked how it came out.