Get stoked, our new line of REVO complete bikes is now available!

Ever since our BMX story began in 2010, one of the core principals of Radio Bikes was to be able to deliver a well-designed and incredible looking line of bikes at a more affordable price to allow riders of all kinds to kick start their first days in BMX on a bike which would give them every opportunity imaginable.

This year we are excited to announce the Radio Bikes REVO line. A brand new tier of entry-level complete bikes, spanning 4 wheel sizes, bringing Radio Bikes to a new customer base and at an even lower price point. The REVO line uses our 20+ year experience of making BMX bikes to give riders an introduction to Radio and the world of BMX in a way that won’t break the bank. With an already incredibly well-received line of completes for 2019, we’re buzzing with excitement to add a whole new family of bikes to the Radio Bikes collection.

See the full range HERE and contact your local Radio Bikes dealer today for availability!